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All Bourgeois guitars are handcrafted in Lewiston, Maine and carry the Bourgeois headstock signature which guarantees a level of quality that players and enthusiasts alike have come to expect in fine steel string acoustic instruments.

Located in an 1860’s mill in Lewiston, Maine, Dana and his dedicated crew, build about 30 guitars a month and remain committed to giving each instrument a level of attention to detail that is rarely found in the world today. Bourgeois Guitars are cherished by many serious musicians around the world.
Roy Continental Mill. Built in 1866. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places -1979. Home to Bourgeois Guitars – 2000.

Dana Bourgeois.
Photo by Kevin Kinnear

Dana Bourgeois is known around the world for his superb craftsmanship and also as one of the foremost authorities on the voicing, selection and utilization of fine acoustic tonewoods.

Dana’s reputation as a master luthier has brought people from around the world to our door for a chance to work in our shop. The small, tight-knit group of craftspeople are proud of what they do and work hard to build the best guitars they can.

Bourgeois Guitars crew


Known for tonal excellence, meticulous craftsmanship, and top-notch materials, played by six-string luminaries such as Bryan Sutton, Ricky Skaggs, Sean Watkins, Doc Watson, Ray LaMontagne and countless professional and non-professional enthusiasts, Bourgeois guitars have played a prominent role in the American steel-string guitar renaissance for more than two decades, helping shape acoustic music’s most recent rise in popularity. What makes Bourgeois guitars unique? Why do they sound the way they do? How did Dana Bourgeois evolve from a guitar-crazy teenager in the 1970’s to become a recognized authority on tonewoods and instrument design? Let’s have a look at the instruments’ history, explore the concepts behind their designs, and learn how they’re built.